The Canadian Business Resource has been published in book form since 1918. This website was created in 1997, giving users a new and more interactive way to find Canadian business information. The website is updated several times a week and allows users to actively and quickly search for detailed company information.

The site is divided into two sections of business information:

Corporate Profiles & Executive Profiles (no subscription required)

Over 120 industry leaders have been invited to publish in-depth Corporate Profiles in addition to their Company Database records. Each profile explains in detail who the company is, what it does, how it grew and developed into a successful corporation, and its current role in the Canadian economy. It also highlights top executives and board members and profiles one or more company leaders.

Executive biographies are also cross-referenced in the Executive Profiles table, which lists each executive by company name.

Each Corporate Profile is linked to its Subscriber Database record.

Subscriber Database search (subscription required)

The Subscriber Database allows users to search a database of over 6,560 top Canadian companies and pinpoint companies using specific criteria.

Each company record includes:

  • contact information
  • officers' and directors' names
  • brief company description
  • financial data
  • NAICS codes
  • direct links to email and website addresses
  • direct links to press releases, stock analysis, and investment information.
  • results of database queries are exportable in csv format individually or in bulk.

The Subscriber Database is updated several times per week.

Note: The Subscriber Database search feature is available by subscription only. For information on pricing and how to order, please click Order Info.