Why Gespeg?

Gespeg means Gaspé in Mic Mac, a local native nation language. Up to the arrival of the Europeans, the Mic Mac were members of the Wabanaki Confederation, the Souriquois. They occupied Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, and the southern portion of the Gaspé Peninsula, where they still are today.

Why Gaspé?

Gaspé has hosted several producing mines in history containing a variety of minerals, such as:

  • lead at the Mine Fédéral during the two world conflicts (1914-1918 and 1939-1945)
  • copper and molybdenum at Mine Madeleine, 8.13mt@1.08%Cu, and
  • the most famous, Mine Gaspé of Noranda Mines in Murdochville, which was in operation from 1954 to 1999 and produced 141mt@0.85%Cu with molybdenum credits.

The Gaspé Peninsula has been grossly underexplored during the last two decades.

Gespeg Copper was successfully able to acquire a 750sq/km land package surrounding Mine Gaspé. It includes Mine Madeleine and the known non-43-101 resources of the Sullipeck project of 5.5mt@0.88%Cu.

Why Copper?

You could consider copper to be an excellent indicator of the current global economy. It is a base metal used as a conductor of heat and electricity, a building material, and a constituent of various metal alloys at the center of emerging country economies. Historically, copper has tended to be a lead market indicator and the price has tended to rise at the end of major global economic downturns

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