Company Name:Hydro-Québec
Nature of Business:Generation, transmission and distribution of electricity throughout Québec, with approximately 36,643 MW of installed capacity, 34,000 kilometers of transmission lines, 115,000 kilometers of distribution lines, and over 500 substations. Development, construction and refurbishment of hydro-electric generation projects and transmission facilities. Acquisition of electricity from many independent power producers. Sale of electricity on wholesale markets outside of Québec. Trading of electricity on markets outside of Québec.
Hydroelectric Power Generation (221111)
Electric Power Transmission, Control, and Distribution (22112)
Address:75, boulevard René-Lévesque ouest, 20e étage
Montréal, QC  H2Z 1A4
Head Office:In Canada

Ownership Class:Government crown corporation
Employee Count (as of 2014):19,500 (2014)
Fiscal Year:Dec 31

Éric Martel President & CEO

André Boulanger President, Hydro-Québec TransÉnergie

Richard Cacchione President, Hydro-Québec Production

Réal Laporte President, Hydro-Québec Équipment et services partagés

Daniel Richard President, Hydro-Québec Distribution

Élie Saheb Executive Vice President, Technology

Lise Croteau Vice President, Accounting & Control

Bruno Gingras Vice President, Human Resources

Jean-Hugues Lafleur Vice President, Financing, Treasury & Pension Fund

Joëlle Thibault Corporate Ombudsman

Michael D. Penner Chairman

Anik Brochu Boardmember

Carl Cassista Boardmember

Gilbert Charland Boardmember

Michelle Cormier Boardmember

Laurent Ferreira Boardmember

Érik Forest Boardmember

Hélène V. Gagnon Boardmember

Suzanne Gouin Boardmember

Isabelle Hudon Boardmember

Jacques Leblanc ASC Boardmember

Éric Martel Boardmember

Yvon Marcoux Boardmember

Paul Stinis Boardmember

Marie-Anne Tawil Boardmember