Company Name:Morneau Shepell Inc.
Nature of Business:Outsourced design and administration of pension and benefit plans, and pension and benefit consulting services. Services are offered to small, medium-sized and large organizations in Canada, the United States, and globally. Also engaged in providing employee assistance programs and employee health services administration services. Among the services offered are actuarial and compensation consulting, employee communications, disability management, and employee crisis support.
Human Resources and Executive Search Consulting Services (541612)
Office Administrative Services (56111)
Address:Suite 700, Tower One
895 Don Mills Road
Toronto, ON  M3C 1W3
Toll Free:888-667-6328
Other Location(s):Approximately 130 locations in North America, including major office facilities in Toronto ON, Markham ON, Mississauga ON, Montréal QC, Vancouver BC, Pittsburgh PA and Atlanta GA.
Head Office:No Parent Company

Ownership Class:Publicly-traded corporation
Status:5.75% convertible unsecured subordinated debentures and common shares listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange.
Stocks:TSX: MSI
Employee Count (as of 2013):3,300 (2013)
3,000 (2012)
Assets (as of 2013): $ 700,116,000 (2013)
$ 686,357,000 (2012)
Revenue (as of 2013): $ 471,154,000 (2013)
$ 419,346,000 (2012)
Net Income (as of 2013): $ 10,445,000 (2013)
$ 21,034,000 (2012)
Audited by:KPMG LLP
Fiscal Year:Dec 31

Alan D. Torrie President & CEO

Scott Milligan Executive Vice President & CFO

Pierre Chamberland F.C.I.A., F.S.A. Executive Vice President & COO, Administrative Solutions

René Beaudoin Executive Vice President, U.S. Region, & Chief Technology & Knowledge Officer

Helen Claxton Executive Vice President & Chief Human Resources Officer

Stephen Liptrap Executive Vice President, & General Manager of Shepell

Randal Phillips Executive Vice President & Chief Client Officer

Julien Ponce Executive Vice President, Eastern Canada

Zahid Salman Executive Vice President, Ontario & Western Canada

David Sturdee Executive Vice President, Strategy & Operational Effectiveness

Lynn Korbak General Counsel & Corporate Secretary

W. F. (Bill) Morneau Jr. Executive Chair

Robert W. Chisholm Boardmember

Gillian H. Denham Boardmember

Diane MacDiarmid ICD.D Boardmember

Dr. Jack M. Mintz Ph.D. Boardmember

W. F. (Frank) Morneau Sr. Boardmember

John Rogers Boardmember

Alan D. Torrie Boardmember

Company Notes:In June 2008 Morneau Sobeco Income Fund acquired substantially all the assets of privately-held Shepell.fgi. In October 2006 WarrenShepell and FGIworld had merged and had subsequently operated under the name Shepell.fgi. In December 2000 FGIworld had acquired CHC-Working Well. On or about January 1, 2011 Morneau Sobeco Income Fund converted itself into a corporation by means of an arrangement involving the exchange of the Fund's units on a one-for-one basis into the common shares of newly-incorporated entity Morneau Shepell Inc.

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