Company Name:The Source (Bell) Electronics Inc.
Nature of Business:Retailing of consumer electronics accessories under the banner The Source (La Source in Québec). Merchandise includes entertainment, computing and other home electronics products. Stores also provide Bell Mobility and Virgin Mobile Canada mobile phones and cellular services.
Radio, Television, and Other Electronics Stores (443112)
Address:279 Bayview Drive
Barrie, ON  L4M 4W5
Other Location(s):More than 700 corporate and dealer-owned stores in Canada; distribution centre in Barrie ON.
Head Office:In Canada

Ownership Class:Privately-held subsidiary corporation, 100% owned

Charles W. Brown ICD.D President

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Bell Canada, Montréal QC, Parent

Company Notes:InterTAN, Inc., originally a subsidiary of Tandy Corporation, Fort Worth TX, was established as a separate publicly-traded company in 1997. In May 2004 Circuit City Stores, Inc. acquired InterTAN, Inc. and its operating subsidiary InterTAN Canada Ltd. In Spring 2005 InterTAN Canada Ltd.'s stores, which had operated under the Radio Shack banner, changed their name to The Source by Circuit City. In July 2009 InterTAN Canada Ltd. was acquired by Bell Canada through The Source (Bell) Electronics Inc. and thereupon underwent a name change to The Source (La Source in Québec).